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Adding Dance To Your Home Care


As we ring in the new year, the Kaiser Institute says it will bring 8000 people to the age of 65 along with it. Of course not all of those people will require home care but a great deal of them will need, what I see, as angels for seniors. These caring individuals make it possible for the … Read More

Being a Caregiver with Obamacare

ObamaCare Ahead

If you are a caregiver, you may need to step up your game when Obamacare goes into effect in January. The Affordable Care Act sets parameters that mean more people will be eligible for healthcare than ever before. Because of this, people who were previously not able to afford to hire a caregiver may now … Read More

Caregivers and home care: Business or Pleasure?


In the world, there are certain people called to do what most don’t care to do. To help your grandma go grocery shopping, because her grandchildren are away at college. Or to help your neighbor walk her dogs, or even to help doing laundry because your grandpa’s back is shot, after working thirty three years … Read More

When Being a Caregiver Isn’t A Job

happy caregivers

Your reason for becoming a caregiver is usually inspired by taking care an immediate family member that needs your help. However it will also be the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever do.  There will come a point in your career that you feel being a caregiver is not what you would consider work … Read More

Caregiver Alert: Multiple Products Pose Salmonella Risk to Patients


Caregivers across the nation may want to take serious note. The week of July 14, 2013, multiple products were recalled due to a salmonella risk. One of the products involved in the recall was a common seasoning, organic oregano. The other two products were pistachios. They are being marketed under several different brand names. With … Read More